Legitimate Background Check

Background Checks and Criminal Investigations.


Are you dating an axe murderer? Everyone has a past. But how bad is it? Do you need a Legitimate Background Check? The Michigan Private Detectives at Eye Spy can help. At Eye Spy our background checks are referred to an FBI-like background Investigation. As a result, the report will be conducted quickly and confidentially.

A Legitimate Background Check Will Save You Time

So, Were they involved in drug dealing, theft or even indecent exposure?  However, even if these instances occurred a long time ago, we can still find out for you. If the person was involved in grand theft, larceny or even an assault. Thus, it’s best that you know now.

Cheap Online Checks Are Garbage

Most online cheap or “free” background checks are so vague or off, that they are completely useless. Furthermore, Once you submit your personal information into these websites. Consequently, there’s a 95% chance that your information will be sold to a third party.

Are you suspicious of the CEO of the company that you work for? Is the CEO of that private company is a convicted felon? Do you wonder if your Doctor really licensed? Could your Son’s fiancé really a registered nurse? Did you meet someone on a dating site? Are they who they say that they are? Are they married?

Furthermore, does this person have financial trouble? Bankruptcies? Liens? DWI? Have they falsified their employment or education? Is this person living beyond their means? But, warning signs will not typically slap you in the face and scream “Look at me!” Therefore, you need a Private Investigator to dig deep and get the evidence.

Eye Spy Can Help!

Eye Spy Detective Agency will conduct a comprehensive criminal record search. A legitimate background check will answer all the questions that you have. No matter where the person lives, we can get the dirt on them. All cases are 100% confidential. No one will know unless you tell them. Call Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799

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