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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a popular thing for most people nowadays. A lot of people have each others locations on their phones so they can see where someone is at all times. Or some people refuse to share their location with their significant other. A lot of times the signal for a location app bounces from cell phone tower to cell [...]

Should You Snoop On Your Teenager?

Teenage Investigation In a perfect world our kids would be free of danger and nothing would get in the way of that. In a perfect World, a Teenage Investigation would not be needed. Teenagers would always do their homework and stay home on the weekends. They would study and spend plenty of time with their family. Unfortunately, we don't live in [...]

Ghosting – A Relationship Nightmare

Ghosting - A Relationship Nightmare Ghosting - A Relationship Nightmare. There is a new trend in the dating scene. A term called "ghosting" is when your significant other abruptly stops all contact with you. Phone calls and text messages go ignored. They may change their number. They may move out without notice. Runaway fathers or mothers are common examples of [...]