How to Catch Cheaters

How to catch a cheater with cell phone forensics, GPS tracking and surveillance.


In today’s technological era, learning how to catch cheaters is easier than ever. The most important thing to remember when you think your partner is cheating is to keep your convictions to yourself. Often times, people become emotional and want to confront the cheater. Most likely, they will deny such accusations and be tipped off to your suspicions.

 Eye Spy Investigations Discusses How To Catch Cheaters

Sometimes after being confronted, cheaters will deny the situation and temporally stop cheating, at least until the dust has settled. Confronting the cheater is the worst thing to do; the best thing to do if you suspect infidelity is to out sneak them hire a private investigator.

Great Tips

Another great tip about how to catch a cheater is by monitoring their cell phone. Everything leaves a digital footprint and cell phones are no exception. Every single text message your partner sends, whether deleted or not, leaves a binary trail that private investigators can uncover.

Firstly, The first suggested route is to see what you can look at yourself. If no pass-code exists, it’s easy to read messages. Secondly, the second option is to have a computer forensics specialist extract the all the data on a disk. Our computer forensics experts can bypass all security codes and successfully recover all deleted text messages, pictures, call logs, and web browsing history.

Deleted texts messages oftentimes will directly answer the question of infidelity. Can’t get a hold of their phone? Send them for an upgrade or run an analysis on their old phone sitting in the drawer. You never know what you might find.

GPS Tracking: The Best Way To Catch Cheaters

Typically, if nothing can be found on their cellular device, the next step is GPS tracking and surveillance. GPS tracking has revolutionized the way private investigators conduct surveillance. An investigator can quietly install a tracking device on the person’s automobile, in the dead of night. Our devices are undetectable and highly accurate.

After installation, we can remotely view their whereabouts and determine the best avenue for surveillance without wasting time figuring out their location. After the end of the specified time period of tracking, you will receive a printed report containing all the locations they have been. The addresses then can be easily identifies by searching Google maps. Always remember, a GPS tracking report is only permissible in judgments if it was provided by a real private investigator.

Evidence In A Divorce Case

In the event of a divorce proceeding, judges will often award less to the cheating party. Catching them in the act is the best insurance for keeping the house and kids. If you a have a gut feeling about your partner cheating, it highly likely that you are correct. Hiring a private investigator will yield you with the best results. If you feel your partner is cheating don’t ignore the feeling and don’t confront them either, meet with a private investigator instead. Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799.



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