Hiring an UNLICENSED Private Investigator

Licensed Michigan Private Investigator


You may think you’re saving a bundle by hiring an unlicensed private investigator on the cheap. But in reality, you’re likely buying yourself a lot of trouble. Firstly, there are many people who pose as investigators who are really scam artists. Secondly, there are very good reasons why real P.I.s are licensed. Before you take a risk by hiring someone who isn’t a legitimate private investigator, take a look at the dangers you may be facing.

The Dangers Of Working With An Unlicensed Private Investigator

Bad Information

In order to get a private investigator’s license, candidates take training in the legal and ethical procedures of gathering information. If you hire some fly-by-night unlicensed Private Investigator, he or she is likely to use questionable methods. This means you really can’t be 100% sure how accurate the information he or she provides really is. Additionally, if you are gathering information for legal reasons, improperly gathered evidence won’t hold up in court.


Non-licensed investigators do not have any records with the state or states they work in. That means that anyone can tell you he or she is in investigator. Therefore, conning you into paying for useless, and possibly even criminal, services. In many cases, these people will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. Thus, trying to get their hands on your money. If you take the time to find an authentic P.I., you can easily verify that he or she can do what you need.

Legal Protection

If you work with a licensed private investigator, you both will sign a contract outlining the terms of your agreement. That contract is your protection if the investigator does something wrong.  Without the contract, which an unlicensed Private investigator doesn’t offer, you have no legal recourse to prevent you from being sued if the investigator doesn’t follow the correct procedures.

Risk of Extortion

When you hire a professional, the investigator will tell you his or her fees upfront. Someone who isn’t licensed can very easily request a hefty deposit from you and then request additional money before turning over the evidence. Since this person isn’t operating legally, you have no protection under the law to receive what you paid for. You can either pay what they ask, or give up and lose your deposit.

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring an investigator to find out if your spouse is cheating on you, or gathering evidence for a court case. In either case, you need information from Carey & Michael Torrice who have the training, credentials and experience to handle the matter like a professionals. If you don’t, the best-case scenario is that you waste money for shoddy work. But you will also face serious legal consequences. Protect yourself and hire a qualified investigator who will do the job right.


If you have already hired a Private Investigation firm and the PI assigned to your case tells you he is a subcontractor of the company and can do your case for half rate..RUN!  Call the company that you hired and tell them what their employee tried to do.  Not only will you end up in court for breaching your contract, but your case will not hold up in court.

Don’t Hire An Unlicensed Private Investigator

Any work an unlicensed scam artist Private Investigator does for you is useless and compete garbage.  These unlicensed shiester’s rip people off and only do things that benefits themselves. Subcontractors are not licensed Private Investigators, therefore legally they cannot do cases on their own.  If an unlicensed Private Investigator attaches a GPS tracking device to a vehicle, you both face serious legal consequences for breaking the law. Don’t get scammed & waste your money. Call Eye Spy at 888-393-7799 and deal directly with Mike & Carey Torrice.

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