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Private Detective in Michigan. All cases are solved quickly and Confidentially. Find a Private Investigator Near Me


You may ask Siri or Alexa to “Find a Private Investigator Near Me” But what if you need the best Investigator in the state of Michigan? Insert Eye Spy Detective Agency. Do you need help with your case, but you’re not sure who to call? If you answered Ghostbusters, we can tell that we already like you. However, the company you need to call is Eye Spy Detective Agency.

Siri, Find a Private Investigator Near Me

Furthermore, Finding the closest provider works great for many services. But not always when it comes to hiring a Michigan private investigator. Unless you hire a company that has been trusted time and time again, like Eye Spy.

Finding a trustworthy and qualified private investigator can be an intimidating task. Therefore, it can be confusing to know where to begin. You may try asking the people closest to you for recommendations. However, this depends on the type of situation that you need help with. Many times these cases are extremely sensitive and emotional. To clarify, A private detective is someone who delves into things, finds facts, and analyzes information regarding legal, financial, and personal matters.

The Best Private Investigator in Michigan

Hiring The Best Private Investigator in Michigan is easy. At Eye Spy, we are very detail oriented. Furthermore, we aim to exceed all of your expectations.

For more than three decades, Eye Spy Detective Agency  has been providing investigative services for individuals, corporations and law firms throughout Detroit, the Great Lakes and Midwest region. Our full service investigation firm is licensed in three states, Ohio, Florida and Michigan.

But there’s more. Eye Spy has been Internationally and Nationally recognized for heir outstanding work and results. In other words, trust the name that you know. Eye Spy = Results.

Eye Spy has been offering full-service private investigation services in Michigan for over 29 years. Above all, our team of private investigators are the best in the business. Call us for a free consultation and get answers to your questions.

Eye Spy is Trusted Nationwide

Celebrity Private Detectives Michael Torrice and Carey Torrice, from Michigan, regularly appear on the Maury Povich Show to catch cheaters and investigate cases with Maury. However, all of our cases are 100% confidential.

We offer many services, including verifying people’s backgrounds, tracing missing persons, investigating computer crimes, and working for celebrities. Furthermore, we are a team of talented professionals who provide private investigations spanning a wide variety of services.

So who can you trust? You can trust Eye Spy Detective Agency. With over three decades of experience at the same location, we can get you the proof you need. Furthermore, this can all be done quickly, cost effectively and confidentially. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today 888-393-7799.



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