Michigan Child Custody Investigations

Michigan Child Custody Investigations


How can we help you with Michigan Child Custody Investigations? Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy to get the evidence you need. In case of a divorce or separation, child custody investigations can provide assurance that the Family Court orders are upheld in accordance with the judgements. We determine what the child/children experience is like with a custodial or non-custodial parent.

Should there be suspicions or you require peace of mind, we find out whether a parent is treating the child well or not. Using covert surveillance it can be determined what happens when a parent is with the child. This may include reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities that may affect a child’s welfare.

So, based on the information and evidence gathered, parents and courts can determine what to do to ensure the child’s safety. Is your child’s other parent not making payments for child support. But, yet continues to earn income in some form? Eye Spy may be able to help you collect.

Michigan Child Custody Investigations

Our job is to get you as much information as possible about them. In-turn you can get the legal system and/or the State of Michigan to take action and obtain your child’s money.

Although your ultimate goal is to get payment of child support, there may be many different approaches to reach that goal. Sometimes getting the name of the employer and providing it to a lawyer who specialises in family law and/or the State of Michigan  is enough.

Other times, you may need proof when the other parent is actively trying to hide their income from you. These cases can be more involved. We can help with either extreme. Our services are provided in several ways. But that depends on what you believe the other parent is doing and how much information you already know.

Eye Spy Can Help!

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency have highly skilled surveillance agents.  Our Investigators can be assigned to monitor your child while in the care of the other parent. The agents assigned to your case will obtain high quality video evidence of the activities observed while under surveillance.

If you are concerned about the other parents ability to care for your child, or they are not adhering to the custody arrangements, then our surveillance footage may be able to support your case. If the arrangement stipulates that your child must be in the care of the other parent while in their custody, and you believe that your child is being left elsewhere or with their family members, then our evidence can be used to help prove your case.

Our child custody investigations can also help with child maintenance issues. Is the other parent is declaring that they are not earning an income and you believe they are? Then our surveillance team can help uncover the facts to prove it.

Below are just some situations where our private investigators can assist you:
1) Child Custody Disputes
2) Child Maintenance Disputes
3) Child Care/Monitoring

Call Eye Spy Today!

If you are going through the stressful time of fighting a Michigan child custody matter, then maybe we can help. Engaging the services of a Michigan Eye Spy Detective investigation company to assist with child custody investigations can help. Eye Spy can gather vital evidence to support your case. The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799. All cases are confidential!

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