The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Michigan Cheating Investigations

They say the best offense is a good defense. This proves to be true in relationships, too. If you are unfaithful and your spouse begins to get suspicious the best way to fend them off is to come back with a strong defense. By diverting their attention and topic of the argument they will be unsuccessful with their accusations.It is very common for cheating spouses or partners to become extremely defensive when they are confronted about infidelity. Get the evidence you need. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today.

Is It True That The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

This is done so the argument becomes the focus and the accusations become secondary. Typically their intent is to make you feel guilty for ever bringing the topic to light. Thus, in hopes that you will think twice before doing so in the future. It is also common that in the midst of things, your cheating spouse may confess to half of the truth in attempt to avoid having to tell the whole truth.

This is also a defensive mechanism used to end the conversation and protect themselves from having to continue discussing the topic at hand. If red flags arise and you feel the urge to discuss your concerns with your partner, you should be able to openly do so. If your significant others demeanor changes and you feel something just isn’t right, chances are there’s a reason. Responding defensively may diffuse the current situation but it doesn’t put it to sleep.

Eye Spy Can Help!

If you need answers but don’t trust that your spouse is giving them to you, there are other ways to find out. We can help you put together the pieces that aren’t adding up. The Michigan Private Investigators are available 24/7. All cases are 100% confidential. They will never know that you hired us, unless you tell them. Eye Spy Detective Agency is licensed in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. We have been in business solving cases for over 25 years. Call Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799 

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