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Michigan Private Investigation Company. 30+ Years of Experience.


Eye Spy Detective Agency is licensed in MI, OH and FL. We use the most hi-tech and expensive equipment available, to get you the results you need. But, why is our Private Investigation company different from the rest? During the course of our investigations, we often attach GPS devices to the Subject’s vehicle. This cuts down on the hours you need someone sitting outside of a person’s work or home. Renting our GPS devices is very affordable, especially when used in combination with our Private Investigation Surveillance Services. Call The Private Investors at Eye Spy today.

Why Is Our Private Investigation Company Different From The Rest?

When you hire Eye Spy, you will be a fly on the wall. Eye Spy Detective Agency uses all sorts of hidden cameras, night vision, bug sweep devices etc. to find out everything you need to know. Would you like to listen in on your lovers romantic dinner conversation in a public setting? We can make that happen! During the course of our investigation, you will FIND OUT who your significant other is cheating with. We will give you a glimpse inside this person’s life. Each time your significant other stops at an address or meets up with another vehicle, we obtain that information for you. We are able to do so because we have been in business for over 25 years. Our reputation and staying power gives us access to the most up to date databases out there.

Eye Spy Is Better Than The Rest

At Eye Spy, we invest in our company to make sure we are on the cutting edge. This means that we buy the best surveillance equipment available. Did you know that very few Private Investigator’s have a camera with night vision? Did you know that very few Private Investigator’s will even take a domestic case (Cheating/Child Custody)? Why, you ask? Because it is hard, detail oriented work. We are the only Private Investigation company that will hang out in the woods dressed in a ghillie suit to get the evidence you need. A ghillie suit, also known as a yowie suit, or camo tent, is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage.

We are able to offer the best rates in town because we have surveillance down to a science. At Eye Spy Detective Agency we understand that you are going through a very emotional time in your life. We will take you by the hand and get you through it. We love what we do and we never stop striving to be the best. Why are we different? In a nutshell, we care about you and your case. Everything is 100% confidential.  Call The Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799

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