Common Beliefs About Private Investigators: Here’s The Truth!

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We watch so many mystery and detective themed shows and movies. However, the line between real and entertainment gets blurred so easily. Therefore, people generally have the misconception about Private Investigators. Find out how the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy can help you.

More Information About Private Investigators and what they can legally do

For example, they believe that private investigators can do everything a police officer can. But,  without restriction. As a result, these questions come up often, so today we are here to set some myths straight.

Recording Private Conversations

  • Private investigators can’t record private conversations where neither party is aware of the recording.
  • Some states do allow a PI to record conversations if one party is aware. But most states require all parties to give consent.
  • You may not be able to hire an investigator to bug a business rivals office. But there is always a loophole. If a conversation is taken place in a public area, a PI is allowed to eavesdrop and record the discussion.

Wiretapping 101

  • A PI is typically only able to wiretap a phone if consent is given from both individuals involved.
  • Laws vary slightly from state to state, as recording conversations does. In many states wiretapping is permissible with only one party consenting.


  • You can’t hire a private investigator to break into another person’s home.
  • A private investigator can only gain entry to a property with permission from the owners like law enforcement officials. This also holds true with a person’s mail.
  • Trespassing and privacy laws are strictly enforced.

Running License Plates

  • A private investigator can run license plate numbers.
  • A PI must have a legal justification for running plates.
  • Curiosity is not a permissible cause but if the plate is part of a legitimate investigation this information is admissible.

 Obtain Protected Information

  • Just because a private investigator can track down information others can’t, they do have some limitations.
  • Private investigators can not legally obtain information protected by state or federal law.
  • These restrictions extend to bank accounts, phone records and court documents.
  • A PI can help you find undeclared accounts and where they are and run criminal records.

Making Arrests

  • A Private investigator is not licensed to make arrests.
  • A PI  can work on an investigation to uncover crimes and track down fugitives.
  • If a private investigator witnesses a person committing a federal crime most states will allow a citizen’s arrest.

 Law Enforcement Myths About Private Investigators

  • One of the most prevalent myths about private investigators is that a PI has to have worked in law enforcement.
  • Many of the top PI firms have skilled investigators with no prior field experience.
  • Most private investigators help with financial and corporate matters where a career in the police force is not useful.

Learn More About Private Investigators That You Can Trust

In addition, A private investigator cannot break the law during the course of the investigation. Thus, this means it’s illegal for a private investigator to bribe, abuse, or use deceitful means to gain information.

Unfortunately, there are PI’s who do violate the law. But, you will find these people willing to trespass or illegally tap phones, and even pose as police officers. Consequently, you need to be careful about working with unlicensed people. Furthermore,it’s not worth it. To be safe, you should always  hire the real deal!

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