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Valentines Day is the one holiday that the unfaithful WILL NOT miss!! But, Valentines Day Cheating happens. It’s the one holiday that couples in a relationship look forward to. But, it’s also a deal breaker if missed or forgotten. As a result, missing this romantic holiday will get you a one way ticket to the dog house. So, if you are potentially facing infidelity, Valentine’s Day is the time to act. See how the expert private investigators at Eye Spy can help you.


February 14 – Valentine’s Day is a very special for lovers. Unfortunately their affections may be aimed at someone else. The holiday of romance is an important day for lovers and  spouses who are cheating always make
special plans to be together. If you are suspicious about your spouse’s behavior, Valentine’s Day provides you
with an excellent opportunity for you get the truth.

These meetings are extremely predictable. They always happen on Valentine’s Day or within a couple of days
before or after. But, this year it falls on a Tuesday. So any day including the weekends before and after is an option.

Making Time For Valentines Day Cheating

However, one characteristic about meeting on Valentine’s Day is the apparent need for the cheaters to spend more time together than they usually do. They bring sexy lingerie, cards, gifts and candy and really try and make it a
special occasion. They also tend to be very sloppy as far as attention to who may be following or watching
them. The excitement tends to take over and makes catching them even easier.
The private investigators at Eye Spy specialize in investigating cases of infidelity and
for their agents; Valentine’s Day is a busy one. If you have concerns about your spouse’s activities, this is the
perfect time to take action and maximize your opportunity to catch them in the act. We recommend that you
review the following list of signs to see if you may be facing a problem:

Making secret telephone calls
Leaving the room when they receive a call, voice mail or text message
Acting preoccupied or distant when with you.
Mention of an unusual meeting or activity near Valentine’s Day
Hiding computer activity from you or using the computer when you are gone or asleep.
Does not want you to use their vehicle or takes the other set of keys

But, That’s Not All

Suddenly makes a music CD or has one from an unknown source
Creates some petty fight just to make an excuse to leave or be angry
Purchases new underwear, perfume or cologne
Taking special care in appearance (hair cuts, color, clothes, teeth whitening, diet)
Takes out cash from the ATM but purchases nothing for the family

Another reason a woman may wonder if her boyfriend or husband is cheating is if he usually plans something romantic on Valentine’s and this year, he’s not even mentioning the holiday. As a matter of fact, he’s been withdrawn and moody lately.

Does that mean he’s cheating? Not necessarily. He may just be moody or depressed. Maybe he’s preoccupied with work issues. Or he’s burned out. That can make a man withdraw, and it really has nothing to do with YOU. Either way, it is better to know what is really going on. Everything is 100% confidential. If you are experiencing these signs, it is time to get professional help. You deserve to know the truth. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy  888-393-7799.

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