Hiding Assets Search – Uncovering Hidden Assets


Whether you are going through a divorce or lawsuit, the other party may hide their assets. in this case, you will need a hiding assets search. The Michigan Asset Search Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency can locate Bank Accounts, Property and More, in any state. Affordable Rates. Call Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799. All of the information obtained by our agency is 100% Legal and admissible in court.

Were you or a loved one in a car accident causing a fatality or a disability? Is your Spouse hiding assets from you? Are you going through an ugly divorce? Thinking about getting married? But scared to inherit the debt of your significant other? Furthermore, do you really know everything about this person?

Penalties for Hiding Assets in a Divorce

If you or your Spouse are caught hiding assets during your divorce, you can get in quite a bit of trouble. As a result, The judge could impose sanctions against you. Which are monetary penalties that you would be required to pay. You could be forced to give up your entire share, to make up for the assets that you hid.

If you or your Spouse drained a $2,000 bank account, then you would probably owe your spouse $1000. A judge could require you to pay alimony at whatever rate he demands. Those rates could then increase over time, until the amount is paid back. This scenario is more likely if you continue to hide assets even after your spouse has brought it to the court’s attention.

After  The Divorce – Hiding Assets Search

Once we have uncovered the hidden assets, your Attorney can file a motion in the court where your divorce was finalized. Your Attorney will ask them to reopen your divorce case and possibly amend your divorce agreement.You may not  find out that your spouse has indeed hid assets until after your divorce is finalized. Consequently, your friends and family may reach out to you.

You may find out that your Ex Spouse is bragging about how much money they earn and what they got away with in court. If this happens, Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799. We can uncover all of the hidden assets confidentially. We can find hidden bank accounts, vehicles, boats, homes, working under the table, etc.

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