Who Is That Girl I See

Is Another women getting too 'friendly' with your man? Find out who they are confidentially.


Another women getting too ‘friendly’ with your man? Have suspicion that it’s something more than that, then let gets snooping. Well – for starters, friendly can be defined as many different things. But, if you have suspicion that it’s something more than that, then let gets snooping.  Wondering “Who is that girl I see?” Call the Michigan Cheating Partner Investigators at Eye Spy to find out.

Are You Wondering “Who Is That Girl I See?”

Not many women actually see with their own eyes that their husband / boyfriend is cheating on them. Text messages are different, but actually seeing them out in person with another women / man… its a lot to take in.

So what do you do? Do you break down in cry and make a scene? Run towards them like a mad woman / madman? Or do you remain calm and see if he lies about what he did that night? I’m going to go with the first one… If you play it off like you didn’t see anything and ask them simple everyday questions like, “what did you do today?” or “where did you go for lunch?, then you may catch him or her in a lie.

And if they do lie? What do you do next? Confront them or let them lie more? As terrible as it seems, you want them to lie more. Why? Because they already lied with the first question, if you continue to ask similar questions regarding what he or she was doing around the time you saw them with someone other than you, then its the perfect opportunity for you to catch them in a bigger lie. Them actually cheating.

Although it will hurt to see your loved ones lie to your face without hesitation, its better finding out the truth this way instead of being blind sided longer down the road. Bottling up your emotions during a situation like this is not healthy. If you have to cry, then cry. If you want to punch something, go to a gym. Don’t let them make you feel more miserable then you already do. In the end you found out the truth. And although the truth may hurt, you finally know the truth.

Get The Evidence

But maybe there’s more? You only caught him or her that once. What if it happens a lot more often then you think? What do you do next? For safety reasons and for mentality we advise you to let our investigators to work the case. The situation alone is already stressful on your part. Dealing with more could only get worse.

Eye Spy Investigations will work with you personally to find out whats going on with your spouse / significant other. Our PI’s at Eye Spy will give you photos, videos and time sheets on everything that your significant other / spouse is doing and whom they’re with. The only thing you have to do… is hire us! Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799.

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