Michigan Female Private Investigators

We have Michigan Female Private Investigators on Staff.

michigan female private investigator

At Eye Spy, Michigan Female Private Investigators are proudly part of our team. Making that first initial call to a private investigator can be quite intimidating. For example, most people believe that they will dealing with an angry burly man. But, at Eye Spy, you may end up speaking with a female PI with the smarts and skillset of Honey West.

While the amount of female private investigators is small, women have begun taking over this male dominated profession. As a result, The literary world has seen a considerable boost of female private investigators in this field. Let’s face it, a women can get away with sitting in her vehicle way longer than a man can. Women are more adaptable and less threatening. Some even say that a women can find out information faster than the FBI.

America’s First Female PI

The first American Female Detective in the USA was Kate Warne of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. In August 1856, Warne, a 23-year-old widow, knocked on the door of the Pinkerton agency in Chicago, Illinois. Allan Pinkerton was unsure about hiring a female PI. But, then he realized that women could be most useful in gathering secrets in many places, which would be impossible for a male detective. Warne was responsible for uncovering the 1861 Baltimore Plot to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln. She paved the way for female Private Eyes, like Carey Torrice.

Carey Torrice

Carey Torrice is one of our female private investigators on staff. She is the leading Private Investigator in the State of Michigan.

Our private investigation service staff has advanced training by established experts. We are a quintessential private investigation service with top private investigator skills refined by thousands of cases. Our Michigan private investigators at Eye Spy use proven methods to implement strategy. For instance, we incorporate a network of current resources to get the best results possible. Our team also possesses intangible qualities, such as objectivity and discretion, communication abilities for all walks of life, sensitivity for all circumstances and inquiring natures that don’t take no for an answer. We keep a low profile and protect your confidentiality with a vengeance.

Female Michigan Private Investigators are on Staff and ready to help

Our licensed female Private Investigators are surveillance specialists, with many years of knowledge in background and legal investigations. Our female Private Investigators have performed and managed countless private investigations. Thus, female private investigators are taking their spot in this industry and proving that gender doesn’t define a private investigator.

In addition to surveillance expertise, our female Private Investigator’s have 10+ years of legal investigation, background investigation and investigative due diligence, corporate investigation and competitive intelligence skills, with vast experience across social, ethnic and economic groups and a multitude of diverse industries. Call Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799.





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