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Eye Spy offers lie Detector tests, drug tests, DNA tests, and semen tests. A Michigan Polygraph test device measures the involuntary physiological changes of a subject’s body as the subject responds to a question or statement. Polygraphs are the most popular lie detector tests used in the United States.  While attached to the polygraph instrument, the subject will be asked a series of questions. The typical exam takes between 1.5 and 2 hours

As a result, the polygraph measures physiological changes caused by the sympathetic nervous system during questioning. For example, the device measures physiological arousal factors, including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, perspiration, and skin conductivity.

More Information On Lie Detector Tests

Polygraph services are mostly utilized once an incident has occurred. The polygraph test is there to both prove the innocence of the “not guilty” and the guilt of any perpetrators.

Lie detector tests are available to the general public. Polygraph tests are confidential and private. The polygraph examiners will make your experience as friendly as possible.

Here are a few reasons that people need to utilize this service:

*Alcoholism and Drug abuse

*Deadbeat Parents

*Bad Parenting

*False Accusations

*Eating Disorders

*Child Abuse

Eye Spy Can Help!

Discover the truth with the help of a lie detection or polygraph test. So, are you worried about infidelity? Think your significant other is lying? Need to prove your innocence? Eye Spy specializes in resolving infidelity issues. Above all,  we will help you find answers to questions that are on your mind. We have completed hundreds of exams with couples and individuals of all ages. Most important, your Polygraph Exam is confidential. And you could know the truth today! Do you need to know the truth?

To sum up, do you need to prove the truth to someone else? A lie detector test may determine the truth in a variety of issues, including family issues.

Lie detector tests and polygraph tests are used to find out the truth if your partner has cheated on you. In addition, a test will reveal  if a family member is stealing or lying to you about drugs, abuse, addictions or a variety of other issues. Polygraph testing is confidential, professional and accurate. Do you need a DNA test, Drug test, Semen Test or Lie detector test to Clear your name? We can help! Call The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy  586-285-5000 or email us!


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