Lost But Not Found

Michigan Missing Persons Investigations. Locate Someone Today!


Is someone you love lost? Has someone in your life gone missing out of nowhere? There’s only so much the police can do in a situation like this for so long. But, eventually they cannot find any new evidence or gather new information. So a lot of missing person cases go cold and are never brought back up again. The Michigan Missing Person Investigators at Eye Spy can help.

Are They Lost?

Maybe they left for the store and never came back or maybe your child didn’t come home from school or make it back from their friend’s house.


Maybe your son or daughter has been on the computer a lot. Social media is a gateway for kids getting abducted. There are all sorts of chat rooms, and websites for people to put their public profiles up on. They could be interacting with someone online who they think is their age but really is a predator. Things like this happen all the time with newer technology coming out everyday. They meet these people up and end up getting abducted.

A lot of runaways can also end up in sex trafficking. They are out on the streets with nowhere to go or anyone to protect them so they are kidnapped into sex trafficking. Others will prostitute because they have no money but don’t want to go home, they do it as their own choice. Some will end up in shelters or the soup kitchens as well. These runaways can be found and returned home if the time is put in to look for them.

Eye Spy Can Help!

Eye Spy Detective Agency has been in business for 30 years. We have dealt with cases like these in the past many times and have helped many people. Furthermore, we gather all evidence and start from the beginning of the investigation. So, as if this person went missing an hour ago. If you need help, call us to speak with a Michigan private investigator 586-285-5000


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