Does Sexting Count as Cheating?

Does Sexting Count as Cheating?

Does Sexting Count as Cheating?

Does Sexting Count as Cheating?

Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones. Does Sexting count as cheating? Since the exchange doesn’t include physical contact, does it count as a cheating?

Some people can be pretty loose with their definition of cheating until they’re on the receiving end of it. But if you find out your partner has been sexting someone else, you’re likely to want to know if sexting is cheating.

The biggest problem with cheating isn’t the sex, nor is it the other woman or man, nor is it the form it comes in — whether it’s flirting, ‘friending’ someone on Facebook, watching porn, getting emotionally connected to someone else, or actually sleeping together.  The biggest problem with cheating is the breaking of trust with our partner and going outside the relationship for something that is supposed to primarily be met inside the relationship.

Almost everyone texts, and texting in and of itself is neither good, bad or cheating. It becomes cheating when we’re sharing something with someone else that belongs only to our partner — our bodies, intimate thoughts and feelings, or parts of our lives that we committed to our partner.

Sexting is cheating because it does all of the above — breaks trust, gives to someone else what our partner is supposed to get from us.

Is Sexting an Addiction?

Sexting is a form of sexual addiction. Any issue can be worked on as long as the person is willing to admit that there’s a problem and do the work. If that’s the case, though it may be difficult, a spouse can understandably stay. However, if the individual doesn’t take responsibility and seek help, there’s no reason to think that mere apologies will change the behavior. It’s an addiction.

While sending images and lewd messages may seem harmless, it can cause serious damage to long-term relationships. In a recent study, it was suggested that those who engaged in sexting were more likely to consummate an extra-marital relationship after flirting online. This year, a poll concluded that a majority of both men and women agreed sexting did count as cheating.

If your partner enjoys the rush of getting turned on via the web or phone, experts says putting up with the violation of trust shouldn’t be an option. Instead, the betrayal could be an opportunity for you to empower yourself and evaluate whether the relationship is worth salvaging.

Did you get my Junk Mail?

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your sexts are? In a recent study, 23 percent of people reported sharing the sexts they received with an average of more than three different friends. Think twice before hitting the send button!

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