The Shyster

Michigan Business Investigations


A Shyster is a slang word for someone who acts in a disreputable, unethical, or unscrupulous way. However, In business, it doesn’t pay to overlook small lies and early delays in performance. Do you need to show a persons business ethics? The Michigan Business Investigators at Eye Spy can help.

People who use dirty tricks are like bullies. They are looking for an easy mark.  If you call their bluff, most are likely to retreat or play the victim. There are dirty trick tactics such as “low balling,” “deliberate errors,”  and “deliberate fault.” But, there’s no sure way to protect yourself against every shyster tactic. Make sure to get things in writing. The more signatures and witnesses, the better.

Do You Wonder How The Shyster Always Gets Away With It?


A shyster is someone who obscures his/her purposes by using verbal/legal smokescreens. The shyster’s tactic is unethical and it involves luring the other party with a deal that is very attractive into a never-ending negotiation. A shyster will make and break verbal agreements, using a variety of tactics such as claiming a misunderstanding or using the missing-person technique.  They will be cordial until the agreement is signed, and then the trouble will begin. Costs will not be what you thought or there will be endless delays in delivery.

Eye Spy Can Help!

Do you need to obtain evidence that will hold up in court? Need to track someone down that ripped you off? Does someone owe you money? We can get the evidence that you need. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Private Detective Agency today at (888) 393- 7799.

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