Christmas Shopping

Michigan Infidelity Private Detectives


Are they really Christmas shopping? Or could they playing reindeer games? Beware! Cheaters are their most promiscuous at Christmas! Cheaters will do anything as they cannot be bear to be away from their flame. If you find your spouse or significant other lost in their thoughts, chances are using their imagination to grant themselves a fleeting moment in the arms of their lover.The licensed Michigan Infidelity Private Detectives at Eye Spy Detective Agency can help! Call us today.

Make sure to check the trunk of their car, or even the attic. These are the most common places for the cheater to store their loved ones presents. Think outside of the box. Put yourself in their shoes. Whatever you do, DO NOT follow them or confront them. They will just change their habits and deny it. Let us get the evidence for you. Trust a professional and do not tell anyone that you are hiring us. All cases are 100% confidential.

Things to watch out for are a last minute Christmas errant or an emergency at work.

70% of the cheaters stay in touch with their lovers during the holiday season. Very few are dumb enough to run off with the predatory secretary and get caught buying her an expensive necklace. But, others think that getting together with their lovers is too risky during the holiday season and risk security by choosing to use their phones and texting.

Often, pictures speak louder than words. When the cheater cannot be with the one they lust after, they sext during the holiday season. It’s a way for them to enter the mind of their lovers without even seeing them.

The Christmas Shopping List

The top three presents for women include lingerie sets, chocolate and a day at the spa for two, while the most common gifts for men were sports gear, a weekend abroad or a tie.

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The cheating experts at Eye Spy Detective Agency can help. Would you like to know who your significant other is shopping for? Are they meeting someone at a restaurant? What are they talking about? Whatever you need to find out, we can get it. We use only the most hi tech spy gadgets and disguises on the market. We can go undercover for the day, or even weeks undetected. No matter where they go or what they do, we will bust them.If you want to hire a Michigan private investigator or a Michigan private detective, please call our investigations office at (888) 393-7799, 24 hours/7 days.  All cases are confidential.

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