What Is Causing Changes In Behavior


Wondering what is causing changes in behavior? Changes in behavior mostly comes from teenagers. Usually its assumed because of puberty and mood swings. Which makes sense. But what if their behavior has changed on top of puberty and mood swings? The next prediction is that they are using drugs. Call the Michigan Drug Testing Private Investigators and get the evidence you need.

Are You Wondering What Is Causing Changes In Behavior?

When dealing with teenagers that are doing drugs,  you never want to approach them in a aggressive or angry way. Because you never know how they could react to that. Who knows, they might end up getting aggressive with you. The major signs of your teenager using drugs is usually sudden change in behavior, mood swings ( irritable and grumpy and then suddenly happy and bright ) and withdrawal from family members. Again, it can be hard to tell because they are teenagers, and already having mood swings and being away from family.

Some of the emotional and behavioral changes associated with substance use are also typical signs of puberty in adolescents. Of course there are obvious signs of substance use if drugs or drug paraphernalia is found in their room or among their personal items or if they’re actually caught drinking or using drugs. It can be difficult though for most parents to determine whether substance abuse is an issue with their child because normal emotional and behavioral changes are a part of growing up.

Its very hard to grasp the fact that your child is doing drugs. Which is why you must remain calm and figure out your approach to it. But what if they deny it? What if they assure you that they aren’t doing / taking drugs. How can you tell if they are lying or not?

At Eye Spy Investigations, we do multiple drug tests everyday for teenagers and adults. And the results are quick. We also offer polygraph tests. Which are very effective. If you have any questions regarding getting your teen drug tested or even have them take a polygraph test, do not hesitate. We will do whatever we can to help you and your family! Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799.


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