Need a Phone Number Look-up?

Need to Look up a Phone number?


Do you need a Phone number look-up? We can look up any phone number that you are curious about.
We know that everyone has tried to look up phone numbers they never seen before on their own.  But, most of the websites you find want to charge you and want all your information. But, that’s not the best way to go. Once you do this, your personal information is not personal information anymore. Chances are, it’s most likely gone viral. Here comes the spam.

At Eye Spy Detective Agency, your information is safe with us along with your case.  Every case and consultation is 100% confidential. Anything you tell one of the investigators is always going to be kept between you and our investigators.

Trying to Contact Someone? Do you need a Phone Number look-up? 

A phone number search is an investigation used to locate phone listings which are not public record. We can find out the person’s name, where they live in any state, DOB, phone numbers and email addresses. It doesn’t matter what kind of number it is, you can count on us to find out the person’s information. 

Searching for cell phone numbers is a common task that most private investigators do. They help you track the numbers and other public records. Basically, looking for a valid phone number for a person is not an easy task; do you know why? It is because many people prefer keeping their details secure and private. Furthermore,  it is a daunting task to look for a cell phone number, then looking for a landline phone. The good news is that there are trained experts who can help finding the number you want.

Thus, the Eye Spy private investigators, have access to trade-only databases which detail a variety of information on virtually anyone. People can be cross referenced by searching name, address or phone number, as well as looking for records based on social security number and

Feel free to stop by our World Headquarters in Michigan. Our administrative staff is in the office during business hours 9am-6pm Monday-Friday at 32059 Utica Rd., Fraser, MI, 48026. Eye Spy is open 24/7 for your convenience.

Hire a Michigan Private Investigator 

If you want to hire a Michigan private investigator or a Michigan private detective, please call our investigations office at (888) 393-7799, 24 hours/7 days. We provide private investigator services throughout the entire State of Michigan, and nationwide. We are licensed as Michigan private investigators by the State of Michigan and will solve your case as quickly as possible.



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