Trading In

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Seems Like Dumping your wife is now as easy as trading in your car. Most divorcing men are treating their wife as they do their car, trading them for a younger model. She’s no longer as glossy, stylish or sexy. Need evidence to help your Michigan Divorce Investigation? Call Eye Spy today.

Is infidelity the chicken or the egg? Is it caused by a loveless marriage or by a partner who is unwilling to commit and work through problems?

Are They Considering Trading

In Issues involving body image and weight gain as well as aging can, unfortunately, lead to an affair and or divorce. Some people will “trade in” an aging spouse for a “younger” model. Of course, the point of this paragraph has nothing to do with unavoidable medical issues. But let’s face it. Many spouses tend to “let themselves go” over time. During the “romance” period, both spouses typically try to present themselves in the best possible light to “win” the affections and marriage commitment of the other. Once the prize (marriage) is won, many people think that “the chase is over.” Not so. Marriage is only the beginning. If people continued to consciously keep “chasing” their spouse, affairs and divorces could be avoided.

But, what can you do? Michigan is a no fault state. However, Infidelity is a felony. But, if you can show infidelity, the division of assets may weigh heavily in your favor. Win BIG in court, get the evidence that you need. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (888) 393- 7799.


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