Down the Rabbit Hole with Holly Madison

Eye Spy Detective Agency Solves A Cold Case on E! Entertainment's Holly's World


One episode of Holly’s World featured Josh in his quest to find his birth mother. Knowing that his mother chose to have a closed adoption, Josh and Holly Madison contacted Mike and Carey Torrice. Mike and Carey are the owners of Eye Spy Detective Agency, for their help in finding his mom. With only the knowledge of her first name and the city in which Josh was born, Mike and Carey were able to locate her within 24 hours.

Holly Madison Holly’s World

Holly Madison, former Playboy model and Girls Next Door star, has branched out from her reputation as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. Since leaving the Playboy mansion, Holly has starred in her own burlesque show in Las Vegas entitled Peepshow. Consequently, this eventually led to her getting her own TV show on the E! network. Holly’s World showcased her life post Playboy. And also starred her friends Josh Strickland and Angel Porrino.

Josh Strickland was given up in a closed adoption upon birth in October 1983. Josh is an American actor as well as an actor. Furthermore, he is most popular for his job as Tarzan in Disney’s creation of Tarzan on Broadway

The emotional story of locating Josh’s mother, as well as the amazing Private Eye’s that helped them, are mentioned in Holly’s new book, Down the Rabbit Hole on page 307. She says:

“…The second season was even more amazing than the first. The producers found a couple of private investigators to track down Josh’s birth mother (whom he had never met and knew nothing about). When Josh and Angel when to Charleston, Josh’s hometown, everyone thought we were at the start of a long quest to find his real mother. No one actually expected her to turn up right away! The investigators came through and the episode turned out to be one of the most genuinely surprising and emotional ones of the series.”

The episode features Mike and Carey Torrice. As a result, it ended up being the highest rated episode of Holly’s World to air during the shows 2 season run. Eye Spy used old-school gumshoeing, which led them to her very doorstep. The private investigators at Eye Spy went down deep,  they went and they looked and found people.

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