Signs She May Be Cheating

.Do you have suspicion that your girlfriend / wife is cheating but you're not 100% positive? Michigan Infidelity Investigator.


Do you have suspicion that your girlfriend / wife is cheating but you’re not 100% positive? Does she have random mood swings or has her behavior changed from time to time? These are signs she may be cheating. When a girl is cheating the majority of the time the changes in behavior is the first sign. Call the Michigan Infidelity Private Investigators to find out the truth.

Here Are The Signs She May Be Cheating

Firstly, changes in behavior is when the new relationship starts. She’ll seem to be in a good mood and you’ll always find her phone in her hand. Which would be a very very hard to get, and if you do get a hold of it, you’ll more than likely get caught. Which would cause more problems there. So if you have reason to believe that she is in fact cheating, then try and avoid her phone at all times. Unless its easy to retrieve.

Secondly, the next sign to believe your girlfriend / wife may be cheating is going out a lot. Whether she says shes meeting friends or working late. When women go out late they’ll more than likely sleep in another room so they don’t “wake you up” or not come home at all. Saying she slept over her friends house. Or got a hotel because she didn’t want to drink and drive.

And the final sign is communication. When your girlfriend / wife hasn’t been communicating with you lately then something has been going on. Communication is one of the number one keys to a relationship. So as soon as the communication has died down – know something is going on. Although you may say a few words during the day, its not the same as having a full conversation with them. You could always ask about the tension between the two of you, but most of the time they’ll say it’s nothing.

Do you suspect Infidelity? If you’re familiar with all three of the main signs go cheating and want to find out what Eye Spy Detective Agency can do for your situation, you may call or come into our office.  Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today at 888-393-7799.

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