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A lot of people get workers comp from injuring themselves at work..or so they claim. A free vacation is a lure. Dishonest workers collect insurance money and claim they’re disabled when in reality it’s their own fault from hobbies, sports or other personal activities. The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy can get you the evidence that you need for your Michigan Workers Comp Investigation.

Do You Need Help With A Workers Comp Investigation?

Workers get injured off the job. But they will say they’re hurt at work so their workers comp policy covers the medical bills. A person might hurt their neck lifting a heavy box. For example, while cleaning the attic. Or maybe sprains an ankle during a game of sports that they play outside of work. But, then he pretends the injury happened at the loading dock at work.

A worker has a fairly minor job injury – maybe a slight twinge in her lower back. But insists her back is seriously sprained. This lets the worker collect more workers comp money and stay off the job longer.

A Professional Michigan insurance fraud investigation is the key to limiting your exposure to frivolous insurance liability claims. We cover all aspects of insurance fraud investigation, from the early gathering of evidence, to preservation of the scene, to skillful witness statements.

Once the case is in litigation, we provide top-rate trial support. With Eye Spy Private Detective Agency, you have experienced fraud investigators on your team who have been there and done that when it comes to sniffing out fraudulent claims and proving the case with cold hard facts.

Fake Injuries

Some workers invent injuries. Soft-tissue injuries such as muscle problems with the back and neck are popular scams. They’re hard to disprove, and are easier to get away with.

Sometimes a worker with an old injury that never quite healed will claim he just got hurt on the job. A damaged knee or shoulder, for instance.

People will stay at home longer by pretending they’re still disabled, even though they’ve healed enough to return to work. That’s where we step in. We have had many cases done before having to follow around “injured” people. We capture photo and video for proof that while they aren’t at work getting paid workers compensation, they are out doing other activities that involve using whatever it is they claim they have injured.

Need Help With A Workers Comp Case?

Eye Spy Detective Agency has been in business for 30 years. And have helped many companies out in finding fraud claims from their employees. Everything is 100% confidential, comes with a written report, and is documented down. Please call 586-285-5000 with any questions or concerns or if you would like to speak with the Michigan insurance fraud investigators.

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