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Do you suspect your significant other may be living a double life!? There are a lot of signs you should watch out for that could possibly be telling you your significant other is married. You never think it will happen to you, but it’s always better safe than sorry if you suspect something. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today.

Are They Living A Double Life?

They are very discreet about their life, wont introduce you to their family, claims they are going out to a business trip or conference meetings constantly.  You don’t really get brought around their friends or heck have even met any.

You may have found this person online most likely. If not then maybe in a bar, or a restaurant late at night. A lot of people that live double lives do this through online dating sites. It is easier for them to cover up their real life if they’re married with kids, have another significant other, etc.

However, at the same time it hasn’t been too long since you’ve been dating. But, that doesn’t matter. It’s always still good to know and have the answers you need. GPS tracking is great for seeing where it is your significant other is going. Maybe you have been to a house but they’re only renting it out or you guys go hotel room to hotel room, there still has to be somewhere they go at the end of the night when they’re not with you so where is it?

What We Do

Our surveillance team is highly trained and professionalized in following subjects around without getting caught and getting the best footage possible of any proof you need. Any activity is recorded and brought back to you. If you do not know too much about this person or don’t feel safe having someone follow them around to get a close look at their double life, there’s always our research team. They are great in the office, and are especially known for background checks. If you suspect your significant other is married then there must be a marriage certificate, right?

Eye Spy has been in business for 30 years now. We deal with Michigan cheating spouses every single day. You never really know who you’re really dating when they live such a discreet life. They don’t live with you. But you’ve never really been to their house. If you would like to speak with a private investigator please call 586-285-5000. Everything is 100% confidential and everything we do is 100% legal.

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