Are you tangled in a Catfish situation? We can help!


Much like MTV’s new TV show “Catfish” our job is completely unique and deals with the aftermath of two people who have somehow, by the wild and unpredictable science of the Internet, found one another. Usually one of the parties contacts us (or one of their family members) to check out the other persons validity. However, lots of people have double lives and it crushes our clients hearts.

A Background Check Will Let You Know Who You Are Really Talking To

My Husband and I are both Private detectives. We get a TON of cases each month because of people who set up fake profiles on dating sites, modeling sites, Twitter accounts etc.  The psychology behind it is both mysterious and intriguing as it is obsessional, extreme and irrational.

Here is a little bit about our married cheating couples:

Thousands of men and women are living in two worlds, caught in a web of lies, risks and shame that ultimately force them into secret behavior that is far different from their everyday existence. I would estimate that 70% of all males and 50% of all females are going to have an extramarital affair at some point over the course of their marriage. Most people, at some time in their life, are going to lead double lives. When the cheaters lives start spinning out of control, it can ruining careers, shatter families and, sometimes, end in a prison sentence. This destruction can stem from an individual’s inability to integrate the two conflicting, opposite sides of a personality. But people who are not able to do this, psychologists say, can end up splitting off the different aspects of their personality. They compartmentalize their lives–literally creating two different selves who act in diametrically opposed ways. Lying becomes their way of life.

Busting The Catfish

I am very proud to say that My Husband and I have become so good at our jobs, that we can crack cases with the smallest amount of information possible nowadays. When your on line flames story does not start to match up, we suggest you head for the hills. The best part about hiring a Private Investigator is that it is 100% confidential. No one ever has to know unless you tell them.

When dealing in matters of the heart, it is always better to be safe than sorry in this day and age. Eye Spy Detective Agency is open 24 hrs/day 7 days/week. We have heard every story and have yet to judge one soul. We take pride in our work and enjoy delivering peace of mind. Call us to find out if your online love interest is the real deal or a thief in the night. We can guide you through the process and get you the proof you need. Call Eye Spy at 888-393-7799

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