Adoption Private Investigator

Adoption Private Investigator


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Adoption Private Investigator

Hiring A Private Investigation Agency For Your Adoption Search

So, you are ready to begin the journey and start your adoption search. The Adoption Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency can help you find your Birthparents, siblings or child that you gave up.

Searching for birth parents. We can help!

Eye Spy Detective Agency is a licensed Private Investigation firm that specializes in Nationwide Family search services. Reuniting thousands of Adoptees with their Birth Families, we are the first agency you should call if you interested in starting a search for your Birth Family. The most frequent question we receive is, “how do I find my Birth Family”. We can help!

We solve 1000’s of open and closed adoption cases every year. Some of these cases are simple to crack, yet some are very hard.

Using a Private Investigator… – Adoptee Support …Why Search?


Most adoptees carry big questions all their lives.

What are their birth parents’ names? Where do they live? What do they look like? What are their personality traits? What do they do for a living? What is their heritage?

Some adoptees want to place faces with names and to trace physical or behavioral characteristics to find out how much they get from their birth parents.

Birth parents also have questions. What type of person did their child become? What does she look like, act like? What does he like to do? They also worry about their child’s health, well-being and happiness. Has their child been treated well?

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