Is Your House Bugged? Is Your Car Bugged? Signs That you are “Bugged”

Is My Car Bugged? Is My House Bugged? Michigan Bug Sweeps


Is your car or House bugged? It could very well be. Especially if you are going through a custody battle or dealing with a stalker. However, the information that one can get from bugging your house can land them in jail. Wiretapping is a Felony. Eye Spy can debug your home, office, phone and vehicle. Call the Michigan Bug Sweep Investigators at Eye Spy today.

Professional eavesdroppers often break into a target’s home or office. After that, they very carefully place bug listening devices. But, while bugs are easy to install, they’re nearly impossible to find without professional help. A bug can be smaller than a dime and hidden anywhere in your home or in plain sight. For example, a smart phone, smart home device or even a hidden security camera.

But, how will you know for sure? Firstly, take a good look around your house and car. Check to see if anything is out of place, or if there’s a strange buzzing sound. Is Your Home Bugged? Do you think someone is spying on you? How do you know if your house is bugged? Know the warning signs to look for and then call Eye Spy.

Here are some signs that you are “Bugged”:

This will help determine whether your home is actually bugged.

Home Phone:

  • Volume is self adjusting or making strange sounds
  • You hear Popping noises, crackling or scratching
  • Sounds are coming from your handset when it’s hung up.
  • Phone rings, but no one is there
  • High pitched squealing and faint tones
  • Cheating Spouse trying to keep track of you


  • The radio suddenly encounters interference
  • Certain people are showing up wherever you go
  • Secret meetings, are not so secret

Is Your Home and Office Bugged?

  • Your TV is acting crazy
  • Someone broke in, but didn’t take anything
  • Things have been moved
  • Smoke Detectors and electrical wall plates have been touched
  • Small circular discolorations on the walls
  • New items have been left in your office
  • Ceiling tile dust on your floor
  • The Phone company and utility workers have been spending a lot of time on your line
  • Strange Vehicles outside
  • You’re involved in a lawsuit
  • Trade secrets

Furthermore, you may pickup on something not being right. Therefore, you should always trust your instincts.Keep in mind, there may also be a GPS device attached to your vehicle. You may need the Eye Spy Michigan Bug Sweep private investigation agency to perform a TSCM bug Sweep of your home, office and vehicle. Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799.




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