Liar Liar You Should Hire!

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Why do spouses / significant others lie? People will come to conclusion after they find out their spouse has been lying is because “All men do is lie!”. And most of the time, lying leads to cheating. So why do you think your spouse is lying / cheating?  Liar liar you should hire Eye Spy. Find out if they are cheating. Call the Michigan Private Detectives at Eye Spy.

Maybe because he’s been working long hours at the office. Or maybe he’s been a lot more distant throughout these last couple of months. And last but not least, he’s never rarely home anymore. Never tells you where he’s going or who he’s meeting up with for drinks / dinner. But we still don’t know the answer to our question… Why do they cheat?

Men’s egos is not as strong as they think it is. A very low percentage of men have admitted that one of the reasons why they lie and cheat is because of sexual dissatisfaction. But the higher percentage of men admitted it is because of emotional dissatisfaction. Men are highly susceptible to someone serving them up admiration outside of their marriage. Especially when the man is ” not connecting” with his wife. Often when men cheat, it first starts off with emotional infidelity. They’ll miss having the best friend / lover connection, like he use to have with his wife in the beginning of their relationship.

Liar Liar You Should Hire!

What are some ways that lead men into cheating? Women all around always wonder after they find out their spouse is cheating, “Why / how did this even happen? ” Most of the time… its from the women. Women tend to think their spouses are cheating before they even do cheat in the first place. Women begin to accuse their spouses of cheating, then nagging them, and lastly that draws the line is, bringing the them down. Men like to be self confident about themselves, whether their cheating or not. When their wives are bringing their self confidence down they begin to resent them and prove them wrong. Those are the main reasons that lead to men to lie and cheat.

So if you’re having problems with your relationship, whether you or your spouse is the reason for it. Do not go straight to accusing, do not cause any more problems involving your relationship. Instead of stressing out over the problems and the suspicion, hire us instead. We will get every inch of information possible. We will provide you with our excellent services. But most importantly, we will give you closure. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799.



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