Bug Sweeps

A bug sweep is not something you would ever think you would need done, let alone in your own home. We handle 1000’s of cases where someone has hacked into … Continue Reading

Child Endangerment

Does your child / children have bruises, marks or has different behavior after coming from your ex-spouse / ex-significant other’s home? Do you suspect Child Endangerment? What could be causing … Continue Reading

Is Someone Stalking You

Do you have a feeling that someone is following you? Is someone stalking you? We can help! Although there are many different types of stalkers, they are all equally dangerous. … Continue Reading

Bug Sweeps and Hidden Cameras

The Private Detectives at Eye Spy Detection Agency can conduct Bug Sweeps and Hidden Cameras detection. TSCM / Bugsweep What or better yet who is “Bugging” You? The Michigan Private … Continue Reading


Stalker Go Away

Stalker Who’s My Stalker? Dealing with a stalker? A lot of people have problems with stalkers now that there is all sorts of new technology and social media. At Eye … Continue Reading