Phone Number Lookup

Phone Number Lookup. Who keeps calling you? Don’t you hate answering phone calls when you don’t know who it is? Maybe they are leaving weird voice or text messages. It’s … Continue Reading

Text Message Retrieval

Text Message Retrieval. When someone wants to keep a conversation a secret, they simply delete it. Unlike phone conversations, text messages are stored away where anyone can see them if … Continue Reading

Child Custody Cases

Child Custody Cases. When a child is involved it becomes serious. The child’s safety and health are on the line. It is important that they do not end up in … Continue Reading

Media Forensics

Media Forensics. The FBI and CIA use it. Eye Spy Investigations uses it. You can use it. Record a confrontation that can be used as evidence. Present that evidence in … Continue Reading

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations takes the right kind of private eye. Pretending you are someone else is not easy. Faking who you are requires acting skills. Licensed private investigators are trained to … Continue Reading