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Big Sip

Big Sip Damn Girl Big Sip The moment when you judge someone while drinking something. A normal sip tends to happen when you judge someone briefly. Either as a joke or because that someone is the joke, but a big sip, only when someone has done something messed up in your presence. You proceed to drink a big sip to have enough time [...]

Gimme Some Sugar Mama

Gimme Some Sugar Gimme Some Sugar Are they after a Sugar Momma? Maybe they aren't in the relationship just for love? Could they have an ulterior motive or hidden agenda? Are they a Sugary Babe/ Boy looking for a rich Sugary Momma and excited about entering into a Sugar Relationship? These types of relationships can be described as a man or woman who offers support, of [...]

Drinking The Unsee Juice

Drinking The Unsee Juice Unsee Juice So, what is Unsee juice? To Unsee is to  undo the act of seeing something; to erase the memory of having seen something, or otherwise reverse the effect of having seen something. We've seen a lot of things we'd like to forget about. And  we desperately wish we could unsee.  I’m sure we all have images burned onto [...]

Beware of a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing

Beware of a Wolf in Sheep's clothing Beware of a Wolf in Sheep's clothing A wolf in sheep's clothing' is someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness. Maybe you have someone in your life who you have always had an uneasy feeling about, or you just can’t ever get a good read on them, no matter how many times [...]