Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is the belittling or threatening behavior directed at an individual worker. This abuse may include offensive jokes, slurs, name-calling, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule, insults, offensive pictures, and … Continue Reading

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a popular thing, but it’s not what you think. People compare everything to movies. But that’s what it is….a movie. In the real world there are rules … Continue Reading

Stay At Home Mom

Stay at home moms are either frowned upon or looked up to. There are many benefits to being one! Often times people struggle whether or not they should stay home … Continue Reading

Dark Web

  Dark web is the world wide web that contains that exists on dark net, overlay networks that use the internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. … Continue Reading

Workers Comp

Workers comp is an insurance policy for workers that are hurt on the job. In a lot of our cases our clients come to us to prove that any employees … Continue Reading

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are still a very popular thing nowadays. Especially with all the new technology coming out, every day. You probably see all over the news and social media all … Continue Reading

Tinder Disaster

Tinder Disaster Tinder can go so wrong sometimes. Sometimes you get catfished, sometimes the person can act completely different behind a screen versus being in person. Or sometimes you just … Continue Reading

Missing Person

Missing Persons These types of cases are very low priority. Mostly because the authorities are already working on homicides, assault cases, robberies, traffic violations, and preventing more crime from continuing. … Continue Reading


Zombieing is when an ex rises from the online dead. This is an attempt to come back into an ex’s life. This happens after successfully ghosting out of the relationship … Continue Reading