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Model Behavior

Model Behavior I'm a Model Do you model? Who's your agent? Instagram? So, are they really a model? Find out! Have you met someone and you're curious as to what they really do for a living? Instagram models are pretty common these days. However, it's not as lucrative for some, as it is for others. Do you find yourself wondering if they are [...]

Urine Trouble

Urine Trouble Hello, Urine Sample Please Have you ever wondered why doctors ask for a urine sample? The kidneys remove waste material, fluids and other substances from the blood. The urine can contain many different clues as to how your body is doing. The results of a Urine test can be affected by diet, dehydration, medicines, exercise and stress. People test themselves [...]

All These Glasses

All These Glasses All these Glasses and I still can't see myself with you. Glasses It doesn't take buying a new pair of glasses to be able to see your situation clearly. If only we could possess a super power to see through people. But what of there was another way? There is! Eye Spy can follow your significant other around and reveal [...]

All These Books

Books End In The Books All these books and I still have no time for you. Is it time to turn the page on your relationship? It seems impossible that this could be happening.  But, it's time to face the truth. It's unfair for you to live with this uneasiness. Do you find yourself lying next to a stranger that once was [...]

Becoming Strangers

Becoming Strangers Are you Becoming Strangers? Nothing is more terrifying than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Strangers in The Night Nothing scares someone more than someone loving you one day and deciding they don’t want you the next. There is a new term for this behavior. It's called being "Ghosted". Ghosting is one of [...]