Common Cheating

Common cheating falls into 3 main catagories Sexploration Booty calls Full-blown romantic connections Sexploration When asked what infidelity looks like, many people envision sexploration, meaning¬†sexual activity with no emotional component … Continue Reading

Dark Web

  Dark web is the world wide web that contains that exists on dark net, overlay networks that use the internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. … Continue Reading

Drug Testing

Drug Testing Drug testing is very common nowadays. Especially for the worrisome parents who may not know what’s going on in their childrens lives. Kids tend to lie, they obviously … Continue Reading

Workers Comp

Workers comp is an insurance policy for workers that are hurt on the job. In a lot of our cases our clients come to us to prove that any employees … Continue Reading

Bless Your Cheating Heart

Well bless your cheating heart!¬†Part of the reason many people cheat is because they felt unwanted or unloved in their relationship. Then they discover sexual or emotional appreciation in the … Continue Reading

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking GPS tracking is illegal for someone who is an unlicensed private investigator, to do. Plenty of people use GPS tracking. It may not be an actual device. A … Continue Reading

Custodial Kidnapping

Custodial Kidnapping Custodial kidnapping is when a parent without custody of their child takes the child from the parent with sole custody. In most cases for child custody, a lot … Continue Reading

Worldwide Cheaters

Worldwide cheaters exist. People that constantly travel are known to cheat a lot. I’m not accusing anybody, but it is a common thing and something we see a lot. Maybe … Continue Reading

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are still a very popular thing nowadays. Especially with all the new technology coming out, every day. You probably see all over the news and social media all … Continue Reading

Ghosting Is Getting Old

Getting ghosted by someone is, in my opinion, one of the top three worst things to happen nowadays while dating. If you don’t know what ghosting is, well…consider yourself lucky! … Continue Reading