Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a popular thing, but it’s not what you think. People compare everything to movies. But that’s what it is….a movie. In the real world there are rules to follow and the law is very protective of peoples privacy.

We have plenty of people ask us all the time. Is it possible for us to listen in on ones phone conversation? What about watching who they’re texting, or what they’re doing on their phone apps? The answer is, NO! This is not legal to do. In fact, people have been caught before hacking into others devices and listening in on conversations, or looking at pictures, etc. on someones phone.

Computer Forensics

There are applications parents have used for their children before. You can download it onto your phone and screen what your children are doing on their phones. This app was removed due to people hacking into strangers phones, or even their husband/wifes phones, etc.

Computer Forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legally admissible. It can be used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally.

With our software and technical skill tactics we are able to retrieve data off of many different devices. Iphones, computers, laptops, and cell phones. We’ve done it all.


Maybe your spouse has been very protective over their phones. Changed their passcodes or recently started locking their devices? There are plenty of signs to look out for in a relationship that might be obvious your spouse could be cheating. Now everyone loves their privacy, and it’s okay to have that privacy. So be careful to not get it confused with someone just wanting their own space versus someone who’s actually cheating. You can usually see a change in someones behavior. They become more secretive towards what they talk about on their devices or the sites they visit or peoples profiles on facebook.

If you’re experiencing unusual behavior and believe your spouse could be cheating give us a call (888)-339-7799

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