Which Pet Owner is Least Likely To Cheat?

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Do you wonder which pet owner is least likely to cheat?  If your partner has this pet then it’s more likely that they’re cheating on you. Are you paranoid about your partner being faithful? You’d be wise to pay attention to their pet. Because it could be an indication of how likely they are to cheat on you. There’s one pet in particular which should set the alarm bells ringing. Do you suspect infidelity? Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today.

Which Pet Owner is More Likely To Cheat?

A dog owner, or a cat owner? It’s cats vs. dogs!

Good news if you’re dating a dog owner. They’re more likely to be loyal partners. Canine owners may be just as devoted as their four-legged companions. However, cat owners are the least faithful of all pet owners. Cat Owners Are Nearly Four Times More Likely To Cheat Than Dog Owners? Maybe it’s that sneaking in the shadows appeal that excites them. As far as other pets are concerned, fish, hamster and gerbil owners were also found to be particularly unfaithful.

Which Pet Owner is having an a-FUR?

1.  Cats.  26%

2.  Rabbits, 19%.

3. Fish 18%.

3.  Snakes, lizards, and other reptiles, 17%.

4.  Rats, mice, and other rodents, 13%.

5.  Dogs 7%

So next time you’re swiping on Bumble, maybe think twice about rejecting that guy with the French Bulldog. You may save yourself some heartache.

Eye Spy Can Help!

When your partner shows apathy or lack of interest in things that they used to love, communicate with them to see if there is another reason for the change in engagement. But if you also suspect infidelity, these changes may be further indication of an affair. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (888) 393 – 7799.


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