Catching Cheaters: The Mile High Club Flight

Every day, more and more cheating couples are having sex on planes. Is your Spouse one of them?


Do you suspect that your spouse found a legal way to join the Mile High Club? Every day, more and more cheating couples are having sex on planes. There’s no official club of that name, it’s just an expression, meaning sex aboard an aircraft in flight. It happens on nearly all flights. The Michigan Infidelity Investigators at Eye Spy can help you get the evidence.

Now Boarding The Mile High Club

These companies are popping up all over, no pun intended. Love Cloud Vegas, an airline company based in Las Vegas, is offering a 45-minute “Mile High Club Flight,” where couples can do the deed 5,280 feet up in the sky. For $995, the flight comes complete with “a wireless sound and light system, red satin sheets, sex position pillows, cushions, and a custom-made foam mattress.

A company called MHC, located in Traverse City, MI, offers an adventure to fun loving couples to, the sun set over Lake Michigan.

The History of The Club

Many hear of this club, but few will join. The concept is often associated with airplanes, but it turns out the club’s been around a lot longer than that. Back in 1785, two bored and rich Aristocrats made a bet.

An English gentleman’s club called the Betting Book at Brooks’ in London recorded a wager payout between Lord Cholmondeley and Lord Derby.  Cholmondeley apparently challenged Derby to “get into a lady’s knickerbockers”. Thus,  Derby rented a hot air ballon and the rest is history.

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency specialize in catching cheaters. Do you suspect that your significant would like to join this exclusive MileHigh club without being banned from an airline? Call Eye Spy and find out confidentially 888-393-7799.


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