How To Catch a Cheating Spouse or Lover

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse or Lover

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse or Lover


Eye Spy Investigations discusses how to catch a cheating spouse or lover. Do you have the gut wrenching feeling your spouse, husband, wife, or partner may be cheating on you, but you haven’t been able to find enough evidence to catch him or her in the act? What if I told you there was a lightning fast way to catch a cheater dead in his or tracks, wouldn’t that take a huge burden off your mind?

Catching a cheater can be a challenging process. The dynamics of every couple’s relationship is different, therefore each cheater conducts his or her infidelity according to the unique circumstances of that particular relationship. The steps used to catch one unfaithful husband, wife, or partner may not work for another cheater.

What complicates the matter further is the development of hi tech gadgets such as modern cell phones. These modern conveniences enable a conniving cheater to privately communicate via text messages and send images without arousing the suspicions of his or her fellow co-workers, spouse, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

The explosion of tempting internet dating sites, chat rooms, IM messaging, and the ease in which your partner can set up a private email, makes it easy for them to engage in a discreet affair, behind your back. The shocking fact that 50-55% of married men and 40-45% of married women engage in infidelity confirm this growing problem.

There is no other gut-wrenching or sickening feeling than knowing that your soul mate and lover has betrayed you. The emotional scars you’ve experienced will have life long effects. Painful as it may be, the healthiest way to deal with a cheating spouse, husband, wife, or partner is to learn the truth and face it head on, regardless of how much it hurts. Only by facing the reality of your circumstances can you take positive steps to heal and move on with a better life.

You’ll find all sorts of advice on the internet telling you how to recognize the signs of cheating. Some sites make a feeble attempt to help you catch a cheater by suggesting an assortment of tactics and strategies you can use to try and catch them in the act of infidelity. Spy equipment stores interested in making a sale will advocate the use of high tech GPS tracking devices to track a cheater, but many fail to inform you that it’s illegal to track a cheater without his or her informed consent. Can you imagine how much evidence you would gather if you had to inform your spouse or partner that you intend to monitor their activities by tracking their vehicle or cell phone? By hiring a licensed Private Investigator you can have your significant lover tracked by a GPS monitor legally.

It’s easy to get confused with the mountain of options on how to catch a cheating spouse. Which strategy do you do first? How do you know which strategy to use to catch a cheater in the shortest time possible? Your fragile relationship is teetering on the cliff of disaster and you can’t afford to make the wrong mistakes. Falsely accusing your partner of cheating will permanently affect the future of your relationship! It’s vital for you to hire a professional Private Investigator to seek out the truth without arousing the suspicions of your spouse or partner.

If you have the burning desire to prove your suspicions, but you’re overwhelmed with the challenge of trying to catch a cheater, don’t give up hope. Spying on a dishonest spouse or partner doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We at Eye Spy Detective Agency understand the emotional devastation and heart wrenching pain you’re feeling. Everyday we witness people going through the same pain you’re suffering through. We vow to help innocent spouses or partners like you regain their dignity and put an end to the lies and deception.

The Detectives at Eye Spy have over 20 years of experience in catching cheating mates. Never try to catch a cheater on your own. You’ll end up with stalking charges and/or spook your mate and ruin our changes of ever getting evidence. Many people come to us after they have tried to do the case on their own. We can always tell when a client has followed the cheater on their own. The cheater is more aware of their surroundings and more fearful of getting caught. They become much more careful.

Step 1 Learn The Warning Signs of Cheating

Recognize the various signs of cheating. Since each relationship is unique, you can’t use a cookie cutter list of warning signs for every relationship. One cheater’s actions can be completely different from another one.

While there are several common warning signs a cheater will engage in, you should be aware of all the potential warning signs if you really want to increase your odds of catching a cheater.

Some obvious warning signs include sudden changes in:

1) Appearance

2) Overtime at Work

3) Frequent Business Trips

and there will be less obvious changes involving:

1) Personality

2) Intimacy

3) Social Interaction

It’s important to remember that certain behavior changes in your spouse or partner can be normal. What you want to look for is multiple warning signs that could indicate your partner is cheating. Once you learn all the potential warning signs, you’ll be able to quickly detect if your partner is cheating on you.

Step 2 HIRE A MICHIGAN PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR – They will Gather The Evidence Without Getting Caught!

As you become familiar with all the possible warning signs, you’ll begin to easily recognize when your partner is up to something suspicious. Your next step is to call Eye Spy Investigations to begin gathering real evidence to support your suspicions. The last thing you want to do is confront your cheating spouse or partner too soon without enough rock solid evidence. It could mean the difference between catching a cheater quickly or spending long grueling months trying to gather enough evidence.

Even the best cheaters leave a trail of evidence. Don’t give up hope if you haven’t seen any obvious signs of cheating. The Private Detectives at Eye Spy know where to look for it. The best sources of evidence are usually found in your partner’s private domain. You can actually bring your partners laptop to Eye Spy and have them look into it for you.

Be on the lookout for incriminating evidence found in bills, credit card statements, clothing and underwear. Check for hair samples and unusual scent’s. If your partner has been working lots of overtime, you want to verify he or she is actually traveling just to and from work. A Private Detective can assist you in this by following them to and from work. Your spouse or partner’s computer and cell phone can a goldmine of evidence. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught spying on your mate. Learn to take advantage of prime opportunities to strip search your partner’s private belongings for signs of evidence.

Step 3 Pulling Out The Big Guns – Using Hi Tech Spy Equipment BRING ALL EQUIP. TO THE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR!

Your final step will be to take advantage of modern technology to catch your cheating spouse or partner. Before you start using hi tech software to spy on your mate, I suggest you should perform your own search of your partner’s computer or the computer you both share. You can search a computer’s history, cookies, and temporary internet files for any suspicious activity or downloads.

There are several types of spy software you can use to monitor your spouse or partner’s computer activity. These softwares can record everything from email, instant messages, files accessed, website history, and more. When evaluating the different type of software, you need to be aware of the disadvantages of each kind. Some software can be easily detected by your mate, especially if they’re trying to cover their tracks.

NannyCams also make a great surveillance tool. If you suspect your partner is up to no good at home while you’re away at work, I encourage you to set up a hidden NannyCam that will allow you to record any inappropriate activity in the bedroom or living room. Professional NanncyCams start from several hundred dollars, however, I’ve found there are some simple techniques to make your own homemade NannyCam without spending a lot of money. However these things will not hold up in court unless you hire an expert on your behalf, that’s why a licensed Private Investigator is vital to your case.

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse or Lover


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