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Are you wondering if you should check out your doctor? For one thing it can never hurt you. However, it can hurt you or even kill you if you don’t research your doctor. Research shows (CDC Prevention) 90,000+ deaths a year are due to medical errors. It happens everyday but it doesn’t have to happen to YOU!  The Michigan Private Investigative experts at Eye Spy Detective Agency can run a full Doctor Background Check on your health care provider.

Do You Really Need A Doctor Background Check?

Eye Spy discusses how important it is to check out your Doctor. I’m sure you’ve read the headlines!

1) “A man stole a physician’s identity and pretended to be a doctor for a year in South Carolina. And now investigators are combing through medical records. Thus, to see whether he harmed any of the hundreds of patients he treated”

2) “Investigators say a doctor in Michigan has been telling people they have cancer. However, he did so, even when they didn’t. And then started giving them chemotherapy as part of an alleged $35 million”

3) “Doctor charged in nation’s largest healthcare fraud scam”

Why should I check my doctors credentials? Do you have any idea about the following:

Where did your doctor get their education, training, and complete their residency; Is your doctor Board Certified; Do other patients and medical professionals like and respect your doctor?  The truth is that in today’s busy world learning the background truths about a doctor are ordinarily only be achieved by running a doctor background check.

We can tell you if this person has any “Marks” on their record, If their identity has been stolen, Liens, Complaints, Board Certification -Is board certified (in specialty field), License Status -any serious disciplinary actions nationwide , Recognition -has received high remarks from fellow peers and/or is involved in their respective communities, Experience -A minimal of five years pertaining to their selected specialty field is required,  Education – Medical school and academic positions.  Training – Residency, Fellowship and/or other training in respects to his/her specialty field, Special Interest area of Expertise – Every physician/surgeon has certain conditions/surgical procedures, which they are mostly known regarding practicing medicine.

So, keep Your Pants on Until You’ve Conducted a Doctor Background Check. No matter what state you live in, Eye Spy Detective Agency can help you. Your health is the most important thing and it shouldn’t be placed in just anyone’s hands. All cases are 100% Confidential. Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799

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