Are You Being Catfished


Dating websites are all fun and games until somebody gets catfished.  Are you being catfished? What are the signs? What are some ways you can find out? Well for starters, If they seem too good to be true, they probably aren’t who they say they are. The Licensed Private Investigators at Eye Spy can help.

Is It Possible That You are Being Catfished?

People who catfish others usually make up fake lives so they can be as fancy as they want to be. Although, when you’re trying to do research on the person, It’s relatively difficult for you to get  the information you’re looking for.

If someone seems to be falling for you and pushing the relationship forward, without having talked to you, or after just a little contact with you. This person hasn’t even met you in person yet? Then chances are they’re probably trying to catfish you.

If someone can only talk to you through chat or through email and things keep coming up that prevent them from using a phone or from you seeing them in person, there is probably something going on. This is also the case if their voice doesn’t match their ethnicity (you can tell by the pictures they have on their page) or their voice seems to change every time you speak. Then you start to wonder if it’s the same person.

Reasons Why

Although some people catfish for attention and want the feeling of being wanted / loved, there are other reasons for people to catfish others. One of the reasons that happens to a lot of people around the world is to scam people. Most scammers will say they have a job overseas. Which means they do nothing but travel which makes it difficult to be in a relationship.

If someone ALWAYS has to travel out of the country for work then be very careful, because most the time, they start asking for money. Leading some people to send hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to someone they’ve never met before. Online scammers and people who catfish usually have a  broad profile so that they can interest so many people as possible.

Being catfished is no joke. Especially if you are sending out money or planning your entire life around a person you don’t even know. Go online and hire us today, we will get to the bottom on your mysterious online relationship. Call the Detroit Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799. All cases are confidential!

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