Babysitting Hacker


Who’s Babysitting?

You could be home but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t babysitting.

Recently you may have heard of the 3 year old boy who claimed there was a man talking to him at night. His parents didn’t believe him until one day his father was sitting at his crib, he heard a noise. It sounded like there may have been music playing and it was coming from the baby monitor!! When the wife walked in they could hear someone talking “someones coming, someones in the camera view.” They soon discovered their baby monitor had been hacked into and their child was being watched this whole time.

Another family had the same issue. They had heard baby music coming from the room when no one was in there except the baby. They found that they had been hacked by someone completely out of the country! These hackers gained control of the camera themselves. There were pictures on the internet of not just their own nursery but of other peoples nurseries and different parts of their home.

It is very easy for someone to access control of your nanny cam. With the newer technology in 2016 a lot of parents use baby monitors that have an access through wifi so they can watch their child in their room on their phones. This makes it extremely easy for someone to hack into your system.

Be Smart

There are ways to prevent this from happening. Most people while setting up their baby monitors to their wifi and phones don’t change the default password given when first setting it up. This can happen to anyone. You don’t think it would happen to you and then it does before you even know it.

Sometimes changing the default password to something difficult that only you know isn’t good enough.

At Eye Spy we have software that can detect any spyware on your baby monitor. Sometimes chances are that if your baby monitor is bugged, your house could be as well. Some people get lucky and only have to worry about the baby monitor because their hacker was out of state or out of the country, etc. But sometimes if your baby monitor has been hacked it is is safe to get a bug sweep throughout your house, considering the fact that these websites have multiple pictures of the inside of peoples homes. There could be hidden cameras anywhere.

Need Help?

Eye Spy has been in business for 25 years. We are up to date on all the software and equipment. All of our investigators are trained in using this equipment and everything is 100% confidential. If you have any questions or concerns please call 586-285-5000. If you would like to hire a private investigator you can continue here

See if you’re the only one watching.Babysitting

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