Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeps

A bug sweep is not something you would ever think you would need done, let alone in your own home. We handle 1000’s of cases where someone has hacked into someones phone. They’ve done this in an attempt to stalk them. Many times we have discovered GPS devices attached to the person’s vehicle.

With all the new technology coming out it’s hard to keep up with what’s what. There have been spyware apps made, mostly for parents to monitor their kids phones, but they are being taking advantage of. Stalkers are hacking into their victims phones and monitoring their phone calls, messages, emails, photos, social media, etc. Stalkers can buy software for very cheap and easily hack into their victims computer camera giving them access to watch them and listen to them-creepy, right?

It’s so easy for someone to go and buy a camera anywhere they want. They’re easy to hide and difficult to find. People will go as far as hiding a camera in a smoke alarm, clock, USB drive, anything that will blend in and can be easily over looked. With current technology advancements electronic bugs can range in size and can be as small as a dime.

These small devices can be remotely accessed and controlled from locations as far as any Bluetooth signal can be reached. There are even electronic bugs that can mass their signals through a process of pulsation that helps them avoid detection unless you have expertise in the field of TSCM bug sweeps, like our technicians do here at Eye Spy Investigations.

How We Can Help

Our professional forensic technician is able to do a bug sweep on someones personal property. They are able to find any devices that you might be in possession of without your own knowledge.

If you believe someone is watching you and you need help call us to speak with one of our investigators at


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